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In the abandoned factory between the Rift, the hills, and the old cactus, five metal creatures no bigger than a man's palm awaken to new life. They draw energy from a mysterious Source - during the day they diligently protect their colorful garden from the attacks of ferocious pests, sandstorms and acid rain, and at night they dream whimsical dreams. Out of nowhere, pests appear, wreaking poison and devastation. Will the World of Wonder withstand this new unexpected danger?


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More about our project

Steampunk Art

Created using scrap metal, all the characters and elements of the installation show how art can help recycle and upcycle.

Digital Twins

Using CG Software, we recreated all the elements and their textures for Illustration of AR experience with the installation.

Compelling Story

We teamed up with the excellent writer, Marin Troshanov to create an entire World of Wonder, where our characters live, face challenges and adventures.

The World of Wonder in 3D

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Chudomir Dragnev

Chudomir is a self-taught sculptor and innovator, working with metal. He created the art brand Looneytools, to train like-minded talents and their joint execution of non-standard orders. Participant and organizer in a number of exhibitions.

Nikolay Mihaylov

He has been working since 1998 as an animator, visualizer and director for architectural, television, cinema and web projects. He graduated in Animation at NBU and has taught at several universities and academies to thousands of people in live and online courses.

Marin Troshanov

He writes fantasy and children's prose, poetry, comic book scripts and popular articles. He is known for the trilogy of supernatural thrillers "LAMYA EOOD", the children's books about the robot Chapek and the fantasy-adventure novel "Emmy and the Shadow Thief".